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THE 9th OF NOVEMBER: one date, multiple meanings for Germany’s history 🇩🇪

by Marta Moretti

Angela Merkel at the memorial ceremony on Nov. 9, 2019. Credits: The Guardian

Not only the anniversary of the end of a 40 years separation, but also the 1938’s Night of broken glass echoing the progrom against Jewish carried out by Nazism.

A red rose was laid down by chancellor Angela Merkel on the Wall memorial at Bernauer Straße, urging European leader sto “stand up for democracy and freedom, for human rights and tolerance”.

Although former wall anniversaries were always celebrated with many events, nothing was organized today to bring all Berliners together.

Among the citizens of Berlin, 87% report to be relieved that the city is no longer divided, but 42% feel that the reunification process happened too quickly, a survey of the Berliner Zeitung newspaper shows.

• After 30 years, is the new unified Germany a simple fusion of the two halves, or simply a takeover by the West?
• Is Germans’ identity suffering from the burden of the past?

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