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Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi


Il Politico Celebrità: Analisi di un Fenomeno Moderno

La Celebrità: cos’è? Una famosa frase di Andy Warhol nel 1968 diceva che «in futuro, tutti saranno famosi per quindici minuti.» Lo spostamento dalla celebrità raggiunta per meriti, esempio accademici, sportivi, per un talento o una capacità in particolare, per la carriera ecc oggi si è trasformata in celebrità attribuita senza particolari motivi.

The Death of Movie Theaters

It is fair to acknowledge that the world after the Covid-19 pandemic will change. There will be – at least in the short term – a reshaping of our way of life, and this will have the most repercussions in the social sphere of our interactions.

Covid-19: A Call for Perspective

In countries that have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic such as Italy, many are comparing the experience to World War II, which took place way before many of us today were born. It would be correct, therefore, to say that for most of us, these are unprecedented times.


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About Us

The New Global Order is a page for political orientation where to discuss why and how the current political network has been suffering worldwide defeats in matter of equality, equity, gender roles, social welfarism, environmentalism and solidarity.

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This project stems from the need of young and politically active people, such as the teams of collaborators that will work on this page, and from the hope of being able to make discussion spring from simple comments to articles, opinions or thoughts on current global phenomena. We believe to be needing valid alternatives to our current world order and discussion can be a starting point to begin from.

Discuss, Argue, Think !

The New Global Order team

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