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About Us

The New Global Order stems from the need of young and politically active people, such as the team of collaborators that work on this page, and from the hope of being able to make discussion spring from simple comments to articles, opinions or thoughts on current global phenomena.

The New Global Order writer, editors, and contributors are independent authors of original contents, with the mission of pursuing a more authentic paradigm of journalism vis-a-vis the brutalization of mass-media communication and news outlet.

Editorial Team

Giacomo Di Capua

Founder & Editor in Chief

Giacomo is an international NGO volunteer currently pursuing two BA’s in International Affairs and Business Administration. Passionate environmentalist, Giacomo is part of both national and international environmental associations. As of 2020, he is a Pubblic Affairs officer for an Italian start-up, president of a student-run environmental organization, trainer specialist for international volunteering programs, and former project manager of an international Natural Disaster Fund.

Giacomo officially launched The New Global Order in January 2019.

Here you can find Giacomo’s article on GDP & Politics.

Marianna Maddock

Content Editor & Writer

Marianna is graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2018 where she studied Economics and Global Business, while also specializing in Mandarin Chinese. She studied abroad in 2017 at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in Shanghai, China. During her undergraduate career, she was involved in two different Student Government Association Boards—the Exam Coordinating Board and the Constitutional Review Committee.

Marianna was also involved with the MHC News, the college newspaper, as one of the Copy Editors. Currently, she works as an Assistant Resident Director at the Rome campus for Loyola University Chicago.

Here you can find Marianna’s article on the “Reinassance of Anti-Semitism”.

Policy Analysis Team

Sonia Harim

Political Analyst, Middle Eastern Affairs

Sonia is a Middle East specialist, with two BA’s respectively in Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic Studies. She specializes in terrorism and counterterrorism, cultural relations, global diplomacy and conflict resolution.

Here you can find Sonia’s article on Lybia and its history of conflict.

Beatriz Lasheras Mas

Political Analyst, Spanish and Environmental Affairs & Social Media Specialist

Beatriz is a Spanish journalist obsessed with analysing the facts. “Knowing what is happening is not enough for me, I like to find out the reasons why. In three words, I consider myself passionate, curious and ambitious.”

Here you can find Beatriz’s piece on the future of Europe.

Norberto Cristofori

Political Analyst, US 2020 Primaries & Social Media Specialist

Norberto, 27, holds a BA in Communications & Public Management.
He has always been involved in the political process, from partisan realities to active representation duties (he has been council member for his hometown for 5 years). Other than being a photography, football, and writing enthusiast, he is particularly interested in the United States. Since 2008 with the Obama presidency, he has been following closely American political events and eventually became an expert of US society and culture.

He is the US 2020 Primaries correspondent for The New Global Order.

Here you can read his rubric on US Primaries.

Aurora Ceccotti

Political Analyst, International Affairs

Aurora is an Undergraduate student of Politics and Economics at SOAS (London, UK). She specializes in a very broad area ranging from Middle Eastern conflicts to tensions among European leaders. She focuses on “providing an alternative view, detached from Western and Eurocentric approaches”

Here you can read Aurora’s article she enjoyed the most writing about the Lebanese revolution, as it shows how religious and cultural differences can be overcome when people have the common goal of equality and freedom.

Vittoria Corrado

Political Analyst, International Affairs

Vittoria holds a master’s degree in International Relations with focus on the study of armed conflict and strategic studies. She has years of experience as a volunteer in non-profit organizations and expertise in European affairs and management of European projects for social development and scientific research.

Her main skills are management, creation and translation of editorial content, regulatory analysis/monitoring, foreign policy analysis, event organization, reporting and data collection. She is a native Italian and Spanish speaker and speaks fluent English. She also has a strong passion for Latin American affairs, Atlantic issues and the issue of migration and refugee management, as a result of her academic background and research work on these issues.

Here you can read Vittoria’s piece on the Russo-Ukrainian crisis.

Marta Moretti

Political Analyst, International Affairs and Refugee Rights

Here you can read Marta’s article on Gun Laws and US minorities.

Lucía Ballester Bellver

Political Analyst, International Affairs

Graduated in Journalism from the CEU Cardenal Herrera University, Lucía is a journalist and photographer who has been working in Rome since 2016. She has worked for TV, radio and written press, as well as online media.

Here you can read Lucìa’s article on Trump’s impeachment process.

Francesca Mele

Political Analyst, Indian and Humanitarian Affairs

Here you can read Francesca’s article on the domestic situation of Kashmir.


Aron Diening, co-author of “The Politics of Journalism

Francesco Felici, author of “A Three-Year Old Brexit – Projections and Perspectives” and “This Is What It Means to Say Cultural Appreciation”.

Giorgio Appignanesi, author of PROCESSO SALVINI: La Legge è Uguale per Tutti?

Milena Di Nenno, author of “ITALY & Fascism: The Complicity of Infinite Bargaining“, “Diritto e Dovere significa Obbligo a Votare?” and co-author of “Macron Vs Merkel: To NATO or Not To NATO

ThinkingFox, author of “EU & ENVIRONMENT: Climate Change is an Emergency, but Not All States Might Afford to Fight It

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