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A Strong Response to a Strong Threat

By Francesca Mele While WHO announced the launch of the Solidarity Respond Fund to raise money in order to tackle globally the spread of COVID-19, in some areas of the world facing the virus and its consequences is becoming more and more challenging. This is the case of India, a huge country with almost 1.4Continue reading “A Strong Response to a Strong Threat”

Do Not Forget Africa

By Francesca Mele In Horn of Africa, during January and February 2020, locust swarms threatened the livelihood and acres of crops in an emergency condition not seen in 25 years.  During plagues, the crop-devouring insects could affect 20 percent of the Earth’s land; they can fly up to 150 km per day and if theContinue reading “Do Not Forget Africa”

L’Europa dov’è (e dov’era)?

A cura di Milena Di Nenno Click here to read the English version of this article. Il 21 febbraio 2020 sono stati individuati i primi casi autoctoni di Covid-19 nel nord dell’Italia. Dal quel momento in poi, il numero di casi positivi è cresciuto esponenzialmente, diffondendosi in tutta la penisola, e altrettanto esponenzialmente è cresciutoContinue reading “L’Europa dov’è (e dov’era)?”

Where is (and where was) Europe?

By Milena Di Nenno Clicca qui per leggere la versione in Italiano. On February 21, 2020 the first local Covid-19 cases were identified in the North of Italy. Since then, the number of positive cases has grown exponentially, spreading throughout the peninsula. And, Italian citizens’ sentiment of unity has developed in the same exponential way.Continue reading “Where is (and where was) Europe?”

The Economic Implications of Coronavirus: Financial markets are falling

By Aurora Ceccotti The global aggregate bond and stock paper wealth have crashed 25 trillion dollars since the 21st of February and all global gains from stocks and bonds since December 2018 have been erased. The US is experiencing what Keynes named a liquidity trap, i.e. a condition under which monetary policies result to beContinue reading “The Economic Implications of Coronavirus: Financial markets are falling”

The Parasite of Capitalism

From Parasite to a parasite, that is how the global focus has shifted in these first months of the nefarious 2020.

Unfortunately, just weeks later another parasite ramped on into the spotlight, with the breaking of the novel Coronavirus infecting over 200.000 people in the span of just two months, bringing the world into quarantine.

However, these two “parasites” share a similar menacing truth: they inherit flaws of the capitalist system which now more than ever is exposing its true unnatural features.

Does the Government Hide the Victims? First Killed by Coronavirus in Spain Was Not Diagnosed

By Lucía Ballester Bellver Many say it is a stronger flu. Others, the global pandemic that will end part of the population, equating it with the black plague. What is certain is that COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus, divides the population and is beginning not only to expand its influence, but also to foment collectiveContinue reading “Does the Government Hide the Victims? First Killed by Coronavirus in Spain Was Not Diagnosed”