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The Demise of a Controversial Leader

By Sonia Harim This 25th February marked a bittersweet lap for Egyptians. Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak passed away without being held accountable for his actions during the Arab Spring in Egypt, back in 2011. Egypt is one of the Middle East’s pillars, and as such, has often undergone critical events in order to keepContinue reading “The Demise of a Controversial Leader”

IRAN: Ukrainian Plane Crash & Political Accountability

By Sonia Harim The Ukrainian plane that was shot down this 8th January 2020 just added more tension to an already heated situation. This fatidic event occurred after the missile attacks between the US and Iran, after Qassem Soleimani’s murder by the order of Donald Trump. The escalation reached its peaks, and the world wasContinue reading “IRAN: Ukrainian Plane Crash & Political Accountability”

MIDDLE EAST: The Scream For Justice

by Sonia Harim The wave of protests that has been shaking the Middle East recently isn’t just a simple call for reforms, nor a contagious will for revolution. The Middle East has been home to wars, corruption and foreign interest especially in these last years: ISIS, internal issues and international intervention, sanctions and lack ofContinue reading “MIDDLE EAST: The Scream For Justice”

MIDDLE EAST: Iran’s stumble and its harsh relationship with Iraq 🇮🇷🇮🇶

by Sonia Harim Iran has had a hidden hand on Iraq for decades, as it is tied to the Shiite Iraqi areas in the south of its neighbor. Now that both countries are home to turmoil and revolts, those Iraqis who consider – with obvious proofs – that Iran has too much presence in IraqiContinue reading “MIDDLE EAST: Iran’s stumble and its harsh relationship with Iraq 🇮🇷🇮🇶”

Israele torna alla stagione degli attacchi mirati 🇮🇱

By Vittoria Corrado Una nuova crisi si è aperta in questi giorni fra Israele e gli estremisti palestinesi sulla striscia di Gaza. Israele ritorna a dar prova della sua elaborata strategia militare del target killing, avendo colpito con successo due importanti membri del Jihad Islamico, ritenuti altamente pericolosi per la sicurezza israeliana. Il governo israelianoContinue reading “Israele torna alla stagione degli attacchi mirati 🇮🇱”

#IranProtest – una nuova onda verde in Iran? 🇮🇷

by Norberto Cristofori Dal 16 Novembre l’Iran è isolato dal mondo. Il governo guidato da Rouhani ha disattivato la rete internet in tutto il Paese. Il motivo principale è l’aumento e lo spargersi in più di 60 città di numerose proteste contro l’aumento del 300% del prezzo della benzina. Qualche giorno fa l’Iran aveva annunciato il ritrovamento di un enormeContinue reading “#IranProtest – una nuova onda verde in Iran? 🇮🇷”

LEBANESE REVOLUTION: a Worldwide Struggle for Justice and Equality 🇱🇧

by Aurora Ceccotti The WhatsApp tax that initiated what Al-Jazeera defines as a #revolution is just the tip of the iceberg. After years of dereliction of duty by the government and economic mismanagement, Lebanese people are demonstrating side by side, regardless cultural or religious differences, with common goals, such as, but not limited to anContinue reading “LEBANESE REVOLUTION: a Worldwide Struggle for Justice and Equality 🇱🇧”