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IRAQ: Soleimani, the Casus Belli

by Sonia Harim Trump proudly announced the death of Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps general Qassem Soleimani, who was killed in an airstrike in Iraq on Friday 3rd January 2020. The general had been internationally sanctioned – and considered a terrorist by the US – for providing material support and weapons to Bashar Al –Continue reading “IRAQ: Soleimani, the Casus Belli”

Is Impeaching Donald Trump Enough? 🇺🇸

by Marta Moretti “No One is above the law”, said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when announcing the impeachment towards President Trump. What is an Impeachment? The process via which a legislative body levels charges against a government official – hence, it does not imply per se a definitive removal of someone from office, as itContinue reading “Is Impeaching Donald Trump Enough? 🇺🇸”

ROAD TO PRIMARIES 2020: Viaggio nella Politica Americana

A cura di Norberto Cristofori In America la parola rivoluzionario viene usata per vendere collant. Rita Mae Brown Era il 20 Gennaio 2017 quando Trump si insediò ufficialmente e diventò il 45° Presidente degli Stati Uniti d’America. Sono passati quasi tre anni e le cose, in America e nel mondo, non sono più come prima.Immigrazione,Continue reading “ROAD TO PRIMARIES 2020: Viaggio nella Politica Americana”

Pensacola Shooting: Hatred or Terrorism? 🇺🇸

by Aurora Ceccotti On the 6th of December, a deadly shooting took place in Pensacola, Florida. In the military base, the Saudi gunman Mohammed Al-Shamrani killed 3 people before being shot dead. The Pensacola military base hosts several Saudi soldiers; in general, the US counts 16% of Saudi training soldiers in military schools. Al-Shamrnani, aContinue reading “Pensacola Shooting: Hatred or Terrorism? 🇺🇸”

A Dangerous Intersectionality

by Marta Moretti Gun Laws in the US: do they help protect African Americans or do they actually make them more vulnerable to racism and police brutality? A vicious cycle, a black hole. Is the intersection of guns and race more obvious, or more dangerous? Charles E Cobb Jr – a journalist, professor, and formerContinue reading “A Dangerous Intersectionality”