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The Demise of a Controversial Leader

By Sonia Harim This 25th February marked a bittersweet lap for Egyptians. Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak passed away without being held accountable for his actions during the Arab Spring in Egypt, back in 2011. Egypt is one of the Middle East’s pillars, and as such, has often undergone critical events in order to keepContinue reading “The Demise of a Controversial Leader”

MIDDLE EAST: The Scream For Justice

by Sonia Harim The wave of protests that has been shaking the Middle East recently isn’t just a simple call for reforms, nor a contagious will for revolution. The Middle East has been home to wars, corruption and foreign interest especially in these last years: ISIS, internal issues and international intervention, sanctions and lack ofContinue reading “MIDDLE EAST: The Scream For Justice”