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Il Politico Celebrità: Analisi di un Fenomeno Moderno

La Celebrità: cos’è?
Una famosa frase di Andy Warhol nel 1968 diceva che «in futuro, tutti saranno famosi per
quindici minuti.»
Lo spostamento dalla celebrità raggiunta per meriti, esempio accademici, sportivi, per un
talento o una capacità in particolare, per la carriera ecc oggi si è trasformata in celebrità
attribuita senza particolari motivi.

Qasem Soleimani: An Untouchable International Target

By Marianna Maddock This new decade has already started on very unstable grounds, especially since the recent US drone attack which killed Iranian military commander, Qasem Soleimani, and Iraqi militia leader, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. These were blatant acts of war. Soleimani has been on the radar for several years. He was in fact a clearContinue reading “Qasem Soleimani: An Untouchable International Target”

Trump On The Ropes: Impeachment or Lies?

By Lucìa Ballester Bellver “Today is going to be a lot of things. […] What it is not is fair. What it is not is about the truth.” On December 18th 2019, these words were pronounced, clear and concise, by Representative Doug Collins of Georgia, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, after theContinue reading “Trump On The Ropes: Impeachment or Lies?”

The Soleimani Case: a Geopolitical Analysis

by Aurora Ceccotti The murder of Soleimani and its possible consequences led to a general fear of a third world war. Memes about young people getting ready to join the army have proliferated around the web. This is however unlikely to happen. As far as concerns the involvement of NATO countries, Article 5 does notContinue reading “The Soleimani Case: a Geopolitical Analysis”

IRAQ: Soleimani, the Casus Belli

by Sonia Harim Trump proudly announced the death of Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps general Qassem Soleimani, who was killed in an airstrike in Iraq on Friday 3rd January 2020. The general had been internationally sanctioned – and considered a terrorist by the US – for providing material support and weapons to Bashar Al –Continue reading “IRAQ: Soleimani, the Casus Belli”

PRIMARIES 2020: I Rapporti con la Cina e la Questione Immigrazione

A cura di Norberto Cristofori Durante la campagna elettorale di quattro anni fa Trump aveva sottolineato due temi per far “ridiventare grande l’America”: una maggiore ricchezza interna e bloccare l’immigrazione. Se il muro che blocca le “orde di clandestini” dal Messico è ancora oggi più una metafora che qualcosa di veramente concreto, la guerra deiContinue reading “PRIMARIES 2020: I Rapporti con la Cina e la Questione Immigrazione”

Is Impeaching Donald Trump Enough? 🇺🇸

by Marta Moretti “No One is above the law”, said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when announcing the impeachment towards President Trump. What is an Impeachment? The process via which a legislative body levels charges against a government official – hence, it does not imply per se a definitive removal of someone from office, as itContinue reading “Is Impeaching Donald Trump Enough? 🇺🇸”

Pensacola Shooting: Hatred or Terrorism? 🇺🇸

by Aurora Ceccotti On the 6th of December, a deadly shooting took place in Pensacola, Florida. In the military base, the Saudi gunman Mohammed Al-Shamrani killed 3 people before being shot dead. The Pensacola military base hosts several Saudi soldiers; in general, the US counts 16% of Saudi training soldiers in military schools. Al-Shamrnani, aContinue reading “Pensacola Shooting: Hatred or Terrorism? 🇺🇸”

La emergencia climática a debate en Madrid: Cumbre Mundial del Clima COP25 🇪🇸

Por Beatriz Lasheras Mas La capital de España reúne a más de 20.000 representantes para afrontar un reto global: la crisis climática. La vigésimo quinta Cumbre Mundial del Clima, que se celebra del 2 al 13 de diciembre, debía haberse materializado en Chile, pero las protestas contra el gobierno de Sebastián Piñera estuvieron a puntoContinue reading “La emergencia climática a debate en Madrid: Cumbre Mundial del Clima COP25 🇪🇸”

SYRIAN CONFLICT: Donald Trump and the Turkish Sanctions Case

by Giacomo Di Capua Regardless of a steady advance of joint Turkish and Russian forces into Northern Syria, US President Donald J. #Trump yesterday lifted all sanctions against Turkey, previously imposed to condemn Recep Tayyp #Erdogan’s military aggression in the past weeks. On the other side of the conflict, Russian intelligence adamantly plans on increasingContinue reading “SYRIAN CONFLICT: Donald Trump and the Turkish Sanctions Case”