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LEBANESE REVOLUTION: a Worldwide Struggle for Justice and Equality 🇱🇧

by Aurora Ceccotti The WhatsApp tax that initiated what Al-Jazeera defines as a #revolution is just the tip of the iceberg. After years of dereliction of duty by the government and economic mismanagement, Lebanese people are demonstrating side by side, regardless cultural or religious differences, with common goals, such as, but not limited to anContinue reading “LEBANESE REVOLUTION: a Worldwide Struggle for Justice and Equality 🇱🇧”

SYRIAN CONFLICT: Donald Trump and the Turkish Sanctions Case

by Giacomo Di Capua Regardless of a steady advance of joint Turkish and Russian forces into Northern Syria, US President Donald J. #Trump yesterday lifted all sanctions against Turkey, previously imposed to condemn Recep Tayyp #Erdogan’s military aggression in the past weeks. On the other side of the conflict, Russian intelligence adamantly plans on increasingContinue reading “SYRIAN CONFLICT: Donald Trump and the Turkish Sanctions Case”

Why do we need a New Global Order?

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. — Mahatma Gandhi. Have you ever thought that there seems to be no alternative to the current political order? Racism, nationalism, xenophobia – these are the main actors of today’s politics. Here, we try to make people reflect, discuss and think about what isContinue reading “Why do we need a New Global Order?”