Abdallah Hamdok & Sudan’s Freedom

Sudan’s Prime Minister, Abdallah Hamdok, survived an assassination attempt in Khartoum this past 9th March. His convoy car was not affected, but the loud blast hit cars nearby, and the leader was able to escape, revealing that he is “safe and in shape”.

The Parasite of Capitalism

From Parasite to a parasite, that is how the global focus has shifted in these first months of the nefarious 2020.

Unfortunately, just weeks later another parasite ramped on into the spotlight, with the breaking of the novel Coronavirus infecting over 200.000 people in the span of just two months, bringing the world into quarantine.

However, these two “parasites” share a similar menacing truth: they inherit flaws of the capitalist system which now more than ever is exposing its true unnatural features.

The Demise of a Controversial Leader

By Sonia Harim This 25th February marked a bittersweet lap for Egyptians. Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak passed away without being held accountable for his actions during the Arab Spring in Egypt, back in 2011. Egypt is one of the Middle East’s pillars, and as such, has often undergone critical events in order to keepContinue reading “The Demise of a Controversial Leader”


By Janet Kimani In San Juan Del Riò (México), Dafne McPherson, 29, was released on January 25th, 2019. This was after serving only three years out of her sixteen-year sentence. That’s great, right? Wrong. Dafne McPherson was sentenced for going through something that women all over the world experience, unfortunately, every single day. A devastating process of pain,Continue reading “Pro-Justice”

Does the Government Hide the Victims? First Killed by Coronavirus in Spain Was Not Diagnosed

By Lucía Ballester Bellver Many say it is a stronger flu. Others, the global pandemic that will end part of the population, equating it with the black plague. What is certain is that COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus, divides the population and is beginning not only to expand its influence, but also to foment collectiveContinue reading “Does the Government Hide the Victims? First Killed by Coronavirus in Spain Was Not Diagnosed”

The Von der Leyen Commission: the Plan for a New EU

By Aurora Ceccotti In December 2019 Ursula von der Leyen has been unanimously chosen to lead the European Commission. Under the first woman to lead the European Commission, the latter will focus on enhancing gender equality, tackling climate change and augmenting the European Union’s geopolitical role. Her previous role as defence minister in Germany seemsContinue reading “The Von der Leyen Commission: the Plan for a New EU”

“Don’t Touch The Children”: Spanish Parents To Protest “Parental Pin”

By Lucía Ballester Bellver The problems in Spain have only just begun. After the formation of the first coalition government of democracy (not without shading some doubts), new challenges arise for the country.  Not only are there so many people unhappy with this government per se: the pacts with the terrorist gang ETA (now Bildu),Continue reading ““Don’t Touch The Children”: Spanish Parents To Protest “Parental Pin””

BREXIT: Where will it hurt the most?

By Marta Moretti The great majority of the European Parliament has eventually voted in favour of the Withdrawal Agreement, according to which the UK will not be any more a member of the European Union from February 1st. The approval was accompanied by the notes of “Auld Lang Syne”, sung by the MEPs of theContinue reading “BREXIT: Where will it hurt the most?”

This Is What It Means To Say Cultural Appreciation

By Francesco Felici Super Bowl final, February 2020. The football teams San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Pitchers face each other in the biggest sport event in the world. With over 102 million people watching it live, this night is supposed to be a moment of glorification for the American culture. However, this worldwide showContinue reading “This Is What It Means To Say Cultural Appreciation”

On the Brink of Destruction 🕙

By Beatriz Lasheras Mas Clique aquì para leer el artìculo en Español. Set up at 100 seconds away from midnight, the Doomsday Clock is closest than ever of the World’s destruction. Created in 1947 by The Bulleting of the Atomic Scientist, this clock is a metaphor about how close we are of destroying our planet.Continue reading “On the Brink of Destruction 🕙”

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