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LEBANESE REVOLUTION: a Worldwide Struggle for Justice and Equality 🇱🇧

by Aurora Ceccotti

Photo by Oscar Chan on

The WhatsApp tax that initiated what Al-Jazeera defines as a #revolution is just the tip of the iceberg. After years of dereliction of duty by the government and economic mismanagement, Lebanese people are demonstrating side by side, regardless cultural or religious differences, with common goals, such as, but not limited to an administration free of #corruption and the #resignation of Lebanese officials.

The support for Lebanon comes from all over the world, as many Lebanese living in other countries are showing support to their fellow citizens. This revolution shows how people can overcome differences and distance when united by the same purpose of achievement of #justice and #equality.

“On one side I’m extremely proud of what’s going on in Lebanon and I’m happy I have the chance to raise awareness about the current situation here in London; on the other hand, it’s hard not to be in my country in such an important historic event, I wish I could be there and provide a greater contribution to the protest”, says Layla, a Lebanese student living in London.

– How will the government respond to the demonstrators’ request?

– Does the revolution represent a step towards an improved form of democracy?

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